Broken Beach

Broken Beach is a stunning natural formation on the coast of Nusa Penida. Despite its name it’s not actually a beach. It’s a natural bridge that makes for an unreal setting. I set out to find Broken Beach during my fist visit to Nusa Penida – and I failed miserably. Nusa Penida is big and the roads are confusing. Getting lost is inevitable. During my recent visit it took me forever to find Broken Beach and for a while I thought it was a lost cause, yet again.

Traveler’s Tips: The drive to Broken Beach from Ped will likely take two hours. There are two roads pointing to Broken Beach. One is very steep and shouldn’t be attempted if you’re not super comfortable riding a scooter. The other is incredibly bumpy but at least it’s not a full-on death trap. If you’re lost, and you will get lost, then just keep asking locals the way to either Billabong or Broken Beach, they’ll help you find your way. There is an entrance fee of Rp 5000 (I think).

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